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Playwrights Guild of Canada – Theatre Can Change the World

Personal essay by Kat Lanteigne on how tainted, the play, came to be. POV: Theatre Can Change the World: The Story of How a Canadian […]


QUEENS PARK (Legislative Assembly)

MPP Michael Manta delivers a five-minute speech on Kat’s contribution to the blood legislation and how TAINTED made an impact in helping to enact the […]

up north

CBC Radio Up North: Interview

Just before we headed to THUNDER BAY for our final show on our tour. We talk about why this story is so important to never […]


Tainted Reading Tour Review: Globe and Mail

Kate Taylor at the Globe and Mail reviews Tainted’s reading tour. “It’s rare that this [agit-prop theatre]  works well either as theatre or as advocacy, […]

Ottawa Morning

CBC Radio Ottawa Morning: Discussion

A historic day as TAINTED was performed on Parliament Hill and at the NAC in Ottawa. Kat and tainted blood advocate, Mike McCarthy were invited […]

what she said

SiriusXM What She Said: Interview

Kat has a detailed discussion on why taking TAINTED on tour became so important and gives some inside details on the advocacy role she and […]


Breakfast Television: ‘Tainted’ play to shed light on tainted blood crisis

Breakfast Television Interview with Brad Smith x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpkT9GN9_6Y


The Hamilton Spectator – Tainted explores bad blood and forgiveness

“Toronto actress/writer/producer Kat Lanteigne didn’t start out to be an activist. Her involvement in theatre didn’t need a political and social conscience to exist.” Read […]

Here and Now Gill Deacon

CBC Here & Now: Gill Deacon: Interview

Gill Deacon talks to Kat about taking TAINTED on tour. x https://vimeo.com/117821972


NOW: Blood Will Out

“In crafting the story, Lanteigne says she chose to show rather than tell the complex biomedical details.” Read the full article.

World News at Six

CBC Radio World at Six: Interview

Journalist Kas Roussy follows Kat in the early days of TAINTED. x https://vimeo.com/117821970


The Grid – 49 people who made Toronto a better place this year

Kat Lanteigne – For bringing the tainted-blood story to the stage. It’s been called the largest preventable health disaster in Canada’s history: After improperly screened […]


Every Day Political Citizen – Nominee: Kat Lanteigne

“Kat wrote and staged her play Tainted about how families were impacted by the tainted blood crisis – Canada’s worst health disaster. She used her […]


The National Post: Review

“It’s charming, frightening and finally very moving.” – The National Post Read full article (Scan)  


GlobalNews Morning Show

Kat & Dr. Don Francis, who was the former director of the Centers of Disease Control AIDS laboratories, are interviewed on Global for TAINTED. x […]


George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: Dr Don Francis

The Strombo show hosted Dr. Don Francis while he was in Toronto for TAINTED and the 20th anniversary of the Krever Inquiry. It was pretty […]